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To advertise on Park Radio costs as little as £2.20 per play!

This allows even the smallest local businesses an opportunity to get their message out to over 80,000 local people.

Radio commercials will either be 30 or 40 seconds long, dependent on its material content and will be made by one of our local media agencies.

Once the client has approved the commercial (which is then theirs to own in perpetuity), they can then agree how much exposure on Park Radio they require.

The map below shows the extent to which Park Radio will be heard over the locality.

Creation of Radio Commercial: £100 + VAT

Monthly airplay package: £330 + VAT
(Minimum of 150 plays per month (based on 5 plays per day for 30 days))

1 Week Package: £77 + VAT
(35 plays per week (based on 5 plays per day)

Bespoke Package: £2.20 + VAT per play
(Made to suit the client’s needs and budget)

If you think your business could benefit from local advertising on Park Radio – get in touch today!

Contact: or call 01379 21 00 00