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SUB-SOIL MAY BE THE CAUSE OF PAVEMENT CRACKING There’s hope that new repair work will sort out the problem of cracking in pavements, installed as part of the Diss Heritage Triangle improvements. Contractors will start the latest remedial work in the Market Hill area on September 10th….the fourth time that the paving has been laid. Previous […]

MIXED SUCCESS FOR STOP-SMOKING CAMPAIGN Latest figures show that the NHS campaign to help people to stop smoking is having mixed success in Norfolk. More than half of the 5,600 smokers, signing up for the service in the last year, said that they were still smoking a month later. The 47 per cent of smokers […]

SURVEY SHOWS THE EXTENT OF SELF-HARM BY GIRLS A new survey has shown that over a fifth of 14-year-old girls in this region said they had self-harmed in the last year. A Children’s Society report says that one in six of more than 11 thousand children questioned in the east of England had self-harmed at […]

DATE SET FOR HERITAGE TRIANGLE REPAIR WORK Repairs to new paving, installed as part of the Heritage Triangle improvements, will start in about two weeks’ time. The remedial work to cracks in the pavement is expected to start on September 10th and last for two weeks. Market Hill will be closed to traffic during this time, […]

THE BIG CHICKEN ROUND-UP IS UNDERWAY ‘The big roundup’ is underway on a Diss housing estate where over 200 hens and chickens have been roaming wild. An action group of people on the Ensign Way estate have been carrying out the round-up. They were joined by a number of helpers, some from other parts of […]

REPAIRS NEEDED FOR HERITAGE TRIANGLE PAVING Work carried out as part of the multi-million-pound Heritage Triangle improvements in Diss is now in need of urgent repairs. Paving is already showing signs of cracking, only about a year after being completed. Work to replace the paving will start next month and last for about two weeks. […]

SOUTH NORFOLK HOUSE PRICES SHOOT UP Latest figures show that house prices in South Norfolk shot up by four-and-a-half per cent in June…..higher than elsewhere in the county. The increase means that homes in the area have gone up in value by an overall 10 per cent over the previous 12 months. Homes in Norfolk […]

WARNING FROM POLICE ABOUT GANG OF ‘HANDYMEN’ Police in Diss are warning about of a gang of rogue handymen operating in the town. They’re advising people in the area to be on alert for the group, who claim to be from a property maintenance firm. Police say that the gang has been handing out leaflets locally […]

COMMUNITY GROUP TO TACKLE BIRDS PROBLEM A community group is taking action to try and reduce the large number of hens and chickens living wild on a housing estate in Diss. A band of over 200 birds is said to be roaming through the area around Ensign Way, close to Diss railway station. A group […]

FEWER CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS IN NORFOLK There’s been a big drop in the number of civil partnerships in Norfolk. The fall comes after same-sex marriage was made legal four years ago. Since then, there have been just 70 civil partnerships in the county, compared to over 350 in the previous four years. OLD POST OFFICE BUILDING MAY […]