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After our first taste of wintry weather, everyone is keen to know if we’ll get a White Christmas this year. The bookies certainly think so, slashing their odds over the past few days. But what do the meteorologists reckon? While most of the UK’s snow days happen between January and March, statistically the odds are […]

Shoppers on Europe’s busiest street ran for cover inside stores over fears of a terror attack at an underground station – but what actually happened? Scotland Yard started receiving “numerous” 999 calls at 4.38pm on Friday, with people saying multiple shots had been fired on Oxford Street and inside nearby Oxford Circus station. The Met […]

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a potential backbench rebellion over potential defence cost-saving plans. Tory MP Johnny Mercer, a former Army officer who now sits on the Defence Select Committee, told Sky News he has “a resilient cohort of Conservative MPs” who are unhappy with the idea of further cuts. He was speaking after […]

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